Monday 22 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: S: Supernatural

What I Learned About Writing from Watching TV aka Justifying my TV Habit.

S has to be Supernatural

Ah two hot boys saving people and hunting things. Okay, the writing in this hasn’t always been tip top (the episode with bugs in series 1 being an example) but at times it’s sublime (Mystery Spot, where they relive the same day).

The ultimate goal changes as the series goes on. Ultimately, they save people. They banter. They take mythology we know about (fairies, say) and put their own spin on it. We care about the brothers, and their relationship. There are romantic relationships in it, but it’s about family.

Which is refreshing. What relationships do you focus on in your writing? Is it all romantic? What about families? How does that drive your characters or affect them?

Could have gone for: Smallville. SATC. Saved by the Bell


  1. I watched the first couple of seasons but slowly stopped. Although I loved the show, others took it's place. Maybe I should try to catch up.

  2. I love Supernatural - it's actually my S-post too - The thing I fell in love with with this show is the brothers and their relationships. Yes the monsters and ghost are exciting but it's the brothers love for one another that brings me back week after week, which is why I STILL do not understand the beginning of season 8 and Sam's decision not to look for Dean - it is SO out of character - Sam got over his need for a 'normal life'. The last episode we saw (Taxi Driver) also had mythology/plot holes for me (time difference with Hell, killing a reaper easily, 'nothing' for a soul after a hunter's funeral - urm, John Winchester - and the lack of references to Sam, and Dean's, time in Hell) and it upsets me that a show I LOVE so much is suffering from inconsistent writing :(

  3. I came yo Supernatural late in season3, but loved it. Every thing affects my characters who are mostly old married romantics or set in their ways single, but both are fueled by families or family's part of me in my writing. A threat to the family met by death.

  4. Oh, Mystery Spot is a brilliant episode.

    In my writing, I have all kinds of relationships, romantic and family and friendships. And then some that don't fit any of those categories.

  5. Never watched the show, but character relations are what drives my stories.

  6. I have yet to watch Supernatural, considering I'm all about supernatural stuff, its a shocker. BUT, I've been waiting to watch all the seasons in order, and now that I can... finding the time is not easy. Ah well. Love Smallville, Saved by the Bell and SATC too. I guess I'm an 'S' fan lol

    In writing, I focus on romantic and family/friendships... so all of them :D

  7. In my writing, I like to focus on familial relationships.

    my blog:

  8. Haven't seen this one, but in any story that I like, the relationships are of paramount importance. I particularly like cross-cultural and cross-generational relationships.

  9. Supernatural was the best choice. *Choir sings*

  10. Dani - I definitely still enjoy Supernatural if that helps!

    Laura - I agree that the brothers relationship is key for me. And it hasn't always been consistent with its writing, no. Somehow I keep on coming back!

    J.L. - threat to family is a good theme to have running through, high stakes!

    M.J. - mystery spot is awesome! :)

    Alex - interesting!

    S.K. - S is a good letter for TV Shows!

    Morgan - interesting, thank you, and I'm sure that makes for good themes/connections!

    C. Lee - yes! Cross generational and cultural relationships can be so interesting in a book (and not always illustrated).

    Sheena-kay - it's so good!

  11. this is where we differ, i like reality tv & sitcoms =) but i do love game if thrones & a drama here & there, but cant get into the tv paranormal...

    my so called life was amazing! yay claire danes!

    happy a to z!
    hope all is well over there!

  12. I've seen the show listed on the TV line-up, but haven't seen it. I've never focused too strongly on romance, but I like to delve into a variety of relationships.

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  13. Tara - MY So Called WAS so good! Happy A to Zee! :)

    Arlee - thank you for visiting and for running this challenge!


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