Tuesday 23 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: T: The Big Bang Theory

What I Learned About Writing from Watching TV aka Justifying my TV Habit.

T I have to go for The Big Bang Theory.


Sheldon is the main reason I have chosen The Big Bang Theory for T. Which might really be a B. But anyway. Sheldon isn’t always likeable. Or even realistic (again, sitcom pushes things to the edge). He’s a good example of a character taken to an extreme. He’s intelligent and arrogant with it. He’s snotty about people who aren’t intelligent. He makes us laugh because of how he is.

He makes me think about what different sorts of characters I could put in my writing. Could I feature a Sheldon? What would he do? What situations would I put him in?

Could have gone for: The Good Wife. Taken. That 70s Show. Torchwood.


  1. Ahh Sheldon. He's just hilarious.

  2. Hm... I bet you could handle a 'Sheldon' character. Yes, and make us all laugh! :)

  3. Sheldon is one of my all-time favorites. Jim Parsons does such a great job with that role.

  4. I love the Big Bang Theory, but oddly, my favourite character is now Howard. (I know, right?!) They totally toned him done from the creepy lech he used to be, and I think him and Bernadette are hilarious/adorable. Also love: Amy Farrah Fowler. :)

    That being said, Sheldon will always be the big draw for that show. He's practically a robot. :P

  5. He's a great example of a quirky character.

  6. I like quirky characters, so I'd say feature that guy Sheldon.

  7. Laura - he cracks me up!!

    Diana - I might consider it! :)

    M.J. F - Jim is AWESOME. Deserves all the plaudits he gets.

    Jaime - an unusual pick, Howard. I must say the way they have developed him from a bit creepy with girls to adorable now as a husband is v. good!

    Alex - he is indeed!

    C. Lee - I am going to have a think about quirky characters! :)

    Nicole - he is :)

  8. I absolutely love Torchwood! I loved the first series and thought it was a great spin off from Doctor Who. I'm not sure what happened with it though, it doesn't seem to be on regularly.

  9. Never watched much of it but it's funny.

  10. Ah, Sheldon. Gotta love him even when he's being a socially inept jerk. You're right that he's a great example of an extreme character. He creates that brand of humour that makes you just shake your head in disbelief. The Good Wife and Torchwood would've been good picks too.

  11. I haven't seen this one but everyone always talks about how funny it is. ;)

  12. Oh my, Sheldon.. he is so wrong BUT so funny :D

  13. There's a guy in my Information Science grad program who reminds me so much of a character from that show! Like, when the professor asks if anyone likes non-fiction, he'll say that depends on what her definition of non-fiction is, or he'll try to guess the exact scene from a book instead of just naming the book when the professor shows a slide. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he's working as a librarian after graduation.

  14. Carrie-Anne: HEE!!! Awesome! I would be amused every time he spoke. Ah I must work this characteristic into a character sometime.

    SK - He is HILARIOUS!

    Kimberly - oh it is! :)

    Erin - absolutely, he's OTT but funny! Good Wife and Torchwood both good ;)

    Sheena - it is!

    Rebecca - No, it wasn't on regularly. We had a couple of regular series, then one which was 5 eps (all in one week over here), then another longer series a co production with the US and since that... NOTHING.


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