Saturday 20 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: R: Revenge

We're in the downward slope now aren't we! Continuing my theme of What I Learned About Writing from TV is R: REVENGE.

Ah Revenge. Soapy delicious goodness as follow Emily and her quest to avenge her father’s death. The thing is, Emily isn’t doing good week to week. She is setting people up. Making them take the fall. At times earlier this season, I almost empathised with the enemies, The Graysons, over her, when their aim was to Save Daniel from the Initiative and Emily’s, well wasn’t. But it’s a good example of somebody having a main aim, and that being what pulls us through.

That’s important in a novel: What is the main character’s ultimate goal? How do we sympathise with that? Even when their goal isn’t a ‘good’ one, do they have a good motive behind it?

Quotes: ”This is not a story about forgiveness.”

Could have gone for: Roswell.


  1. Revenge is a very good series but it has started to get quite weary for me because I've come to the conclusion that nothing will ever be enough for Emily. And that troubles me.

  2. My main character's ultimate goal is revenge but I just realized he is not quite aware that's what he is looking for or probably not on so many people.

  3. It's always all about the main character. Nicely done. Revenge is the most fun you can have in fiction. (I won't speak about how effective it may be in real life.....)

    Thanks for an enjoyable read. Cheers from a fellow A to Z Challenger.

  4. I was hooked immediately last season, but have only watched on episode this year. I guess I'll catch up when it hits DVD.

  5. I'll have to check this one out - guess I've missed a lot of good watching!

  6. Not sure I could watch a show where the goal is constantly revenge. I'd want closure to the issues.

  7. Revenge is a popular word today. Haven't seen the show you mentioned.

  8. I like revenge, although apparently it's getting harder to tell what's going on in the newer season. It's quite nice to see people getting their comeuppance, though :)

  9. Sheena-kay Graham - hmm, yes true, I am wondering if they are going to have to string out Emily wanting Revenge for several series, by which time we'll lose any sympathy we had for her!

    Al Diaz - interesting. Revenge can be a v. strong motivator.

    nouveauscarecrow - Thank you for commenting ! Cheers! :)

    Ink in the Book - Def was more hooked last season but am keeping up with it!

    sue - I think the first series is worth a view!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - there is a worry Emily will never be satisfied and we'll never get closure, true.

    C. Lee McKenzie - yes I am guessing it might be!

    Laura - it is a bit more ??!?! this season yes!

  10. One of the Brother Cadfael mysteries - The Pilgrim of Hate - had revenge as its theme. And when the Avenger finally had revenge within his reach he found that it was himself that he was destroying. Very powerful.

  11. Never got into Revenge....but my wife loves it!! :)

  12. Diana - ah I will look it up thanks ;)

    DL - I am with your wife, I love it!


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